On Friday 3/20, our campaign handed in three times as many petitions as were necessary to the Board of Elections in Albany, firmly placing me on the ballot as a candidate for United States Congress in NY-16!

Also, I am thrilled to announce our slate of staff who are geared up to undertake a fully on-line, digital campaign:

  • Rob Calentine, Director of Fundraising
  • Melissa Eustace, Director of Communications and Operations
  • Demian Frederick, Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Rich Horner, Political Director
  • Alexander McLean, Community Outreach Coordinator
  • Tara Wroblewski, Director of Outreach

I know we are in a time when many of us are worried about the future, but our future will be secure if we elect competent leaders who will work today for a safer and greener tomorrow.  I stand with all the citizens of NY-16 in this time of unprecedented need.