On Thursday, March 26th, the Environmental Protection Agency waived the enforcement of a range of environmental protections in a move that primarily, if not solely, benefits the oil and gas industry.  This has been called an “open license to pollute” by former Obama-era EPA chief Gina McCarthy.  Our health and our environment are already under enough stress.  One of the only pieces of good news during this pandemic is that the environment in a number of areas is recovering from the decades-long abuse by big business.

The Trump Administration’s answer to the covid-19 crisis is to allow big business to further destroy our environment and threaten our health. This is exactly the wrong answer. 

As your Congressman, I will be the first to fight any attempt by the Executive branch to further destroy our planet by taking advantage of a pandemic or otherwise.  This action is worse than looters robbing our stores; this is robbing our entire future.

We need leaders who will prioritize people, not the profits of polluting industries.